Michigan dogs saved from drug testing to find new homes

By Nick Monacelli - Reporter, Dane Sager Kelly - Web Producer

DETROIT - The Michigan Humane Society has taken in more than 30 beagles after a western Michigan laboratory shut down testing on the dogs.

ORIGINAL STORY: Humane Society seeks release of dogs from Michigan lab, alleging mistreatment

Most pets the Michigan Humane Society finds homes for don't grab headlines the way these beagles have. 

An undercover investigation by the Humane Society of the United States revealed they were being force-fed pesticides and drugs in a Mattawan lab as a part of study to comply with regulations in Brazil.

The test was contracted by the agriculture division of DowDuPont, which agreed to stop all testing involving the beagles. 

Those beagles are in Metro Detroit and are one step closer to a happy and healthy home. 

Anna Chrisman works with the Michigan Humane Society. She said they need time to figure out potential health issues and other problems, but once they're ready to be adopted, it won't take long for them to find homes.

"They are going to go quickly," Chrisman said. 

The Michigan Humane Society said they will share the adoption process on social media as soon as they determine the safest way to find forever homes.

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