Michigan man creates 'Aladdin 3477' movie out of love for 'Star Wars'

By Lauren Podell - Reporter

CLINTON TOWNSHIP, Mich. - Macomb Township's Matt Busch is an illustrator and artist, but most importantly a Star Wars fanatic.

"I live in LA for the better part of a decade and built my career there," Busch said. "But I knew it wasn't the place I was going to settle down and start a family. I'm a Midwest boy. And now that I am home, I've never been busier."

It's his love for light sabers and Luke Skywalker that's now allowing him to add movie maker to his resume.

"To be 4 years old when Star Wars came out, it just exploded everything," Busch said. "Back then, we didn't have video games or DVDs to relive the excitement of Star Wars. So that's when I started drawing. I wanted those lasers to come to life."

Busch turned to pencils and paints to keep Star Wars alive through art, and he hasn't ever stopped.

"I'm an official Star Wars Artist," Busch said. "My wife is, too. We're basically in pool of artists that Lucas Films turns to." 

From movies, television, books to musicians -- Busch and his wife, Linzy, always seem to be at the top of the list.

List of work: http://www.mattbusch.com

"The very first Star Wars book cover I illustrated to make the New York Times bestsellers list was Tales of the Empire and that was something I was really proud of," Busch said.

But this couple's career is about to move from print to the big screen. 

"For 20 years I've had the idea to make a sci-fi film of my own," Busch said. "It's time for me to become the next George Lucas right?" 

He's hoping to do that with Aladdin 3477. Actors from all over the world auditioned for the film during the casting call -- 10,000 to be exact.

"It's the story of Aladdin set 1,462 years in the future," Busch said.

The futuristic film is being shot on a sound stage at a home in Clinton Township.

"There's a lot of adventure, a lot of action, but there's also a princess and a love story," said Linzy Busch. "It's definitely Aladdin on the edge." 

Linzy Busch not only acts in the movie, she also designs the costumes and most of the robots in the film -- which are are made by hand, too.

"There are sewing machines right here on set," Linzy Busch said. "Matt and I are doing this on our own with the help of some great friends and family and lead by Matt's creativity I know this movie is going to be a huge success." 

Busch started making the movie where it all started for him, on paper. The movie will be released in 2016.

"We are making one heck of an amazing movie," Busch said.

The Busch's will take a clip of their movie to the 2015 Star Wars Celebration honoring the 7th Star Wars movie coming out this year.

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