Michigan best friends die within days of each other from COVID-19 after decades of friendship

DETROIT – The lives of Mary Hackett and Jessie Ancona have been intertwined since their children can remember.

Update May 3, 2020: Michigan coronavirus (COVID-19) cases up to 43,754; Death toll now at 4,049

“They work together at will verse five and dime, when they were teenagers, they used to walk back and forth to work together,” said Josephine Kuhlman.

“We don't know too much about their young years, evidently they both like the same guy at one point, but I don't know too much. They would joke about it,” laughed Hackett’s Daughter, Mary Jo Miles.

As the years passed their bond would grow even stronger. Every Sunday the two would meet up for church and brunch.

“Once a week she gets to see Jesse, and she looks forward to that. That's the thing she looks forward to all week long is going to church sitting next day and Jessie,” said Miles.

But in the COVID-19 era -- tragedy would strike both women just as equally.

“My mom in a fell December 26, then ended up in a nursing home, and caught COVID-19 there and and Jesse was in the hospital and then in rehab and different nursing home and she caught COVID-19 there within a week of each other and they both died a few days apart, two floors away from each other,” recalled Miles.

The two 91-gear-old’s had both died in the same hospital after contracting the virus from two separate nursing homes.

“They would go on excursions all over the place, and sometimes those excursions weren’t exactly planned,” concluded Jessie’s son, Ben Ancona.

But now the duo have one final trip to take together – in whatever the next life has to offer.

“They loved each other a lot. They really loved each other,” concluded Miles.

Before this happened, both women were still getting around the best they could. We’re told that just this past November, Ms. Jessie was still attending her grandson’s football games.

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