Cross-dressing Michigan man faces child pornography charge after FBI probe

Neighbors in Adrian recall oddities of Sean Gossman, who is accused of possessing gruesome child pornography

By Mara MacDonald - Reporter

ADRIAN, Mich. - Sean Gossman, 23, appeared in court for his arraignment on child pornography charges Thursday afternoon dressed in women's clothing.

His attire was complete with a red wig, makeup, stuffed bra and a halter top.

According to residents at the Sterling Estates mobile home park, that's Gossman's standard getup.

"He did. He dressed like that 24/7," said Becky Jenkins, who knows Gossman.

Jenkins' son and his wife took pity on Gossman and let him stay in their home for a short period of time. He was down on his luck and dating a male friend of their's when the FBI swooped in and raided the home.

"They had no clue what was going on until the FBI showed up at the house," said Jenkins.

It all started last year in an Onsted, Mich. park. A thumb drive was found near the children's playscape. The child who found it gave it to a family member who, after seeing what was on it, gave it to police.

Police sifted through thousands of pictures and movies of children being sexually abused, bestiality and found the photo of a baby girl with a noose around her neck and a bag on her head. Moreover, pictures of Gossman himself were on the drive. Police started tracing the material and identified Gossman, who is now in federal custody.

"I am very grateful. I even told the FBI when they came to the house I was grateful for them doing their job and finding the person and getting him off of the street," said Jenkins.

Gossman is a cross-dresser who told the neighbors at the mobile home park that the state of Michigan would pay for a sex change operation. They say he rarely came out during the day and in an effort to be polite they always referred to him as a woman.

Police say Gossman is basically homeless. He has no permanent address and has been shifting from place to place.

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