Motorcyclist in critical condition after hitting pothole on Beech Daly Road

Residents along stretch of Dearborn Heights say potholes have been longtime problem

By Will Jones - Reporter

DEARBORN HEIGHTS, Mich. - A motorcyclist remains in critical condition after hitting a pothole on Beech Daly Road that made him lose control.

Dearborn Heights residents who live near where the incident happened told Local 4 the road conditions are so bad it was only a matter of time before someone would be hurt.

"I would say the worst stretch has got to be from Warren Avenue all the way up to Ford Road. It's just pothole city," said Dana Bennett.

Ingrid Abboud is so tired of losing her $75 hubcaps that she's taken matters into our own hands.

"I tape up my hubcaps with that silver tape, which holds them down for a little while, and then I come back home and I have to push them back in to make sure they're still there," she said.

But the potholes are not just costing people money, they're also putting lives in danger.

Danny Hans witnessed that first-hand Sunday night .

"I saw this guy fly through the air and hit the cement," he said.

Hans says the man, who police say is in his 60s and from Redford, wasn't speeding when he hit the pothole and lost control of his bike.

Police said the victim wasn't wearing a helmet and is recovering at Oakwood Hospital.

As a rider himself, Hans said he knows the damage potholes can do.

"Those are the dangers that are unacceptable. There are no reason our roads should be like this," he said.

Wayne County said it was notified about the bad stretch of road over the weekend and planned to send a patching crew. The county also says it all boils down to state funding. Crews do a lot of patchwork, which they know is only a temporary fix. But it's the best they can do until the money is there to replace the pothole-riddled roads.

Drivers, of course, want a permanent fix.

"I don't think we have to live like that. We are paying our taxes," Abboud said. 

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