Woodhaven youth football team will get to finish season

WOODHAVEN, Mich. - The Woodhaven Warriors, who thought their season was cut short, will now be able to play all of their scheduled games.

Executive members said they were going to pull the team from the Downriver Junior Football League following an incident at a game.

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The Woodhaven Warriors is one of 18 teams that participates in the Downriver Junior Football League. The football teams operate at a freshman, junior and varsity level.

The president of the Woodhaven Warriors and other staff members had decided to pull out of the Downriver Junior Football League following an incident at a varsity game.

An email sent by one of the coaches to parents regarding the incident says the following in part:

"Parents....our coaches wives and our kids moms were cussed, spit on, and called distasteful racial obscenities which I care not to repeat, and from these events the [parents from the other team] embellished what actually happened (spun the story of what actually took place), submitted complaints to the league, which in turn started an investigation by the board. As a result, our executive committee, and those that first hand witnessed the event were requested to go before the board...so as you form your opinions, know that the distancing action that we as a program have chosen to take, is in no way out of spite or arrogance, but instead out of respect for those offended, and for the dignity of us standing up for what is right and decent. It is absolutely on behalf of your kids, our coaches, and you, our parents," the email read.

Parents and kids were upset, especially since the team was undefeated and the kids put in so much work.

"We feel bad for everyone involved and we really feel bad for the kids," said Karen Sage, the parent of two cheerleaders and a football player.

But Friday night during a closed door meeting with parents, team leaders changed their mind.

The coach said they never actually filed the paperwork to leave the league, so they will play on as scheduled.

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