Catfe Lounge in Ferndale offers fun activities with cats

FERNDALE, Mich. – Things are purring right along inside Ferndale's Catfe Lounge. Just can't resist the puns.

The Catfe is Michigan's first "cat café," and for animal lovers it's simply a wonderful space with such a relaxed vibe.

The Ferndale Cat Shelter is a system of cat foster homes for strays and surrendered cats.

Deanne Iovan and friends decided to make a cozy space on Livernois Avenue for people who want to mingle with the cats with an eye on getting to know them and adopting one.

Saturday morning, "purrlates" were held in the Catfe. Yoga classes are held among the kitties. Kids come in and read. People moving through medical issues come and just feel good enjoying a cup of Commonwealth coffee and getting some love from a friendly feline.

It's a cool twist on a regular cat shelter where cats are in crates. Here, they're free range and you're on their cuddly turf.

The Catfe is hosting an adoption Saturday at the Pet Bistro at John R and 11 Mile in Madison Heights.


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