Good dog? Michigan couple loses wedding ring, metal detector finds it inside puppy's stomach

Cindy McCombs, Bella and an X-ray of the missing ring inside Bella. (WDIV)
Cindy McCombs, Bella and an X-ray of the missing ring inside Bella. (WDIV)

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. – A West Michigan couple discovered their missing wedding ring inside their 10-month-old puppy.

Bella, a goldendoodle puppy, was the first suspect when Cindy McCombs couldn't find her wedding ring Sunday. The couple said Bella likes to grab things and hide them in their yard. 

The ring was switched to her pinky finger Saturday night before bed and she woke up to find it missing.

Dan McCombs took a metal detector through the house and yard to find the ring. The metal detector didn't go off until he held it to Bella's stomach.

The couple drove Bella to Thornwood Veterinary Clinic in Ada, where an X-ray quickly confirmed that she had swallowed the ring.

Thornwood recommended taking Bella to BluePearl Veterinary Partners in Grand Rapids, who specialize in internal medicine, oncology, surgery and more. 

Attempts to get Bella to cough up the ring were unsuccessful, so a doctor used an endoscope equipped with a tiny claw to remove the ring.

Bella returned to her normal puppy self 20 minutes after waking from the anesthesia.

“Cindy was very worried about Bella, and was so relieved to have her back with us and healthy,” Dan McCombs said.