Home Sweet Home with Nemo

See how spokespet Nemo is spending his quarantine

All 4 Pets spokespet Nemo (WDIV)

Families ordered to stay home all day every day for weeks and weeks? It makes humans stir-crazy, but it’s heaven on earth for our doggos. We decided to check in with our reigning spokespet Nemo, to see how he adjusted to quarantine life with his big brother Lucky.

Nemo’s dad Paul is still working outside the home, but now Nemo gets quality time with his mom Mary all day long. Nemo gets to sleep in until 7am, which is a little later than normal. Mornings are more relaxed, so Nemo and Lucky collect extra belly rubs and snuggles before starting the day. They still go out for a walk every day, but mom working from home means she’s working longer hours too, so there’s not a lot of time for extra strolls.

All 4 Pets spokespet Nemo and his brother Lucky (WDIV)

Mary says the one thing Nemo loves is having her home to serve as his doorman. Nemo and Lucky go in and out from the backyard about a hundred times a day, whenever they see a squirrel. The boys love to chat with the dogs next door, or any neighbors who happen to pass by. There’s lots of gossip to share when families are stuck home together!

Nemo and his brother Lucky are playing together more now, and Mary recommends using this time for some educational play with your dogs too. She says it’s a great chance to keep them occupied by learning new tricks, or challenging them with interactive puzzles. Of course nothing is more interactive (and fun!) than barking during momma’s conference calls with clients and co-workers. If you’re gonna work from home, you gotta remember who’s boss!

All 4 Pets spokespet Nemo in his well-loved doggie bed (WDIV)

Even though Nemo has been getting lots of exercise during his many backyard excursions, he misses his adoring fans out in public. Stay-home means no outings to his favorite shopping spots – Cabela’s or the Mall at Partridge Creek. Nemo loves people, especially kids. And he was hoping to make lots of new friends after being named Local 4 Spokespet, but those dreams are delayed for a little while longer. Once the restrictions are relaxed, Nemo’s first trip will be to Three Dog Bakery at Partridge Creek to fill up on two of his favorite things – pets from people, and cookies.