Protect your pets from the summer heat

Michigan Humane Society offers helpful ways for pets to beat the heat

When temperatures rise, humans aren't the only ones who need  break from the heat. Because of their fur, animals  can overheat in the summer as well. 

Shaun Bailey, of the Michigan Humane Society, gave us some ways help to keep pets cool during the summer, including having access to shade and shelter, limit long walks and keep water readily accessible. 

Bailey also brought in a new, adorable pet that needs a loving home. Camilla is a 2 year-old domestic short hair cat that was brought in with its litter of kittens.  All of the kittens have found homes, now it's time for Camilla to find a forever home.

To find more information on the adoptable pets, check out the Michigan Humane Society website at or call (866) M - HUMANE.