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This week's Reel Talk has movies for everyone!

"Downton Abbey" stars Michelle Dockery and Maggie Smith and is based on the popular television series. In the movie, the King and Queen of England come to visit, which leads to all kinds of secrets  coming out of the darkness. This movie is rated PG.

"Ad Astra" stars Brad Pitt and Tommy Lee Jones. Brad Pitt plays an astronaut that goes into outer space to find his dad. Once the crew gets to outer space, they discover there are a lot of mysteries in the universe. In fact, Pitt's character finds one that may lead to the destruction of the planet. The movie is rated PG-13.

A 37-year-old franchise is back! Sylvester Stallone reprises his famous roll in "Rambo: Last Blood." ​​​​​​In the movie, his niece goes to Mexico to find her father and becomes a victim of human trafficking. So, Rambo, who is suffers from PTSD, goes to find her. This movie is rated R. Greg gave the movie two reels out of five reels. 

"Between Two Ferns: The Movie" is coming to Netflix! Greg got a chance to chat with Lauren Lapkus and Scott Aukerman about the "funny and nutty field trip across the country." Zach Galifianakis stars as the host and interviews major Hollywood stars. Just know Zach is pushing the limits during his interviews. Greg gave this movie two out of five reels. 

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