WW shows us how to eat carbs and still lose weight!

WW (formerly known as Weight Watchers) talks about carbs in moderation

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Amanda McDonald is a coach with WW and she joined host Tati Amare to clear up the confusion with carbs and weight loss. 

WW recommends not giving up all carbs but eating certain carbs in moderation. White potatoes, sweet potatoes, cookies, white rice, and bread should be eaten in moderation. Whole wheat bread, brown rice,  corn, and broccoli are types of carbs that you should incorporate into your daily diet. Lentils and black beans are also important to incorporate into your healthy lifestyle.

WW has a point system that members use to track their food intake. There is food that is worth zero points.Bananas and beans are now zero points at WW so you can eat them everyday!

WW also incorporates meetings into the program. Amanda is a coach and believes that the meeting room is a family. It gives a WW member supportive people to lean on and get tips and encouragement.

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