Here's why your chimney needs a check-up now

All Brick Design want to help you check your chimney

All Brick Design on Live in the D
All Brick Design on Live in the D

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All Brick Design stopped by Live in the D to chat with Tati Amare about the most neglected area around the house...the chimney!

Many people don't realize the chimney can be a trouble spot until there is water pouring in. All Brick Design wants to help you with a chimney check-up. 

Chimneys are exposed to all weather conditions and can have damage that is hard to see from just looking up from the ground. All Brick Design uses ladders and drones to find problems. It's important to call All Brick Design now because while there may still be approximately 6 to 8 weeks of good weather, once the snow hits they can't do chimney repairs in freezing temperatures. 

All Brick Design also offers other services like paver restoration, paver new install, tuckpointing and other types of masonry.

Right now they are offering Fall savings with 20% off and 18 months with no interest.

To schedule your next masonry service, visit the website or call (833) 23-Brick.

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