10 energy-saving tips for spring cleaning

These tips will save you money. (WDIV)

Make energy efficiency part of your spring-cleaning routine.

These tips can help you cut down on your energy costs and save money:

1. Clean your air vents.

Air ducts and vents accumulate dust and grime while they’re pumping out hot air during the winter months. Remove the vents and wipe them clean with a mixture of warm water and soap. While they’re drying, examine your air filters to see if they need to be replaced. The change of seasons is a great reminder since filters should be changed at least every 3 months. Clean air filters help improve the air quality and ensure that your home’s heating and cooling systems are running as efficiently as possible.

2. Seal those sneaky air leaks and insulate where needed for up to $200 in annual savings.

You don’t want the hot outdoor air seeping into your home this summer, nor do you want the cooled-down indoor air escaping to the outside. You can seal air leaks with inexpensive weather-stripping on doors and caulking around windows. DTE also offer rebates on ENERGY STAR® certified windows and insulation. Learn more at dteenergy.com/insulation.

It's a lot of work, but it will save you money at the end of the day. (WDIV)

3. Wipe down light fixtures.

Dusty light bulbs and light covers prevent light from getting through, making them less energy efficient. To prevent this problem, add wiping-down light bulbs and coverings to your spring-cleaning list. Swap out older light bulbs for more energy efficient models – LED (light-emitting diode) bulbs can improve your lighting efficiency. DTE offers instant discounts on ENERGY STAR® certified light bulbs at participating retailers.

Learn more at dteenergy.com/lightingdiscounts

4. Clean your dryer’s lint filter.

Cleaning your dryer’s filter after every load will improve air circulation, increasing its efficiency. It’s also important to scrub the lint filter if you use dryer sheets regularly, as dryer sheets leave a film on the filter that reduces airflow and, over time, can affect the performance of the motor.

Make sure you change that filter. (WDIV.)

5. Conduct dryer maintenance.

Inspecting your dryer vent pipes and removing any blockage provides for better air circulation, reduces drying time and saves energy. DTE offers several appliance rebates - from $20 to $100 on qualifying washers and dryers, room ACs and air purifiers, dehumidifiers, pool pumps and Wi-Fi thermostats.

Learn more at dteenergy.com/appliancerebates

6. Recycle your old appliances

If you have an old, working fridge or freezer, DTE will pick it up for free and you’ll receive a $50 check.

Learn more at dteenergy.com/recycle

7. Upgrade your pool pump for a $350 rebate.

There are many options when it comes to your pool pump, but an ENERGY STAR certified variable speed pool pump is an effective way to keep your pool running efficiently all summer long. You can even qualify for a $350 rebate when you upgrade to a qualifying model.

8. Download the DTE Insight App.

Manage, control, and transform your home energy use and reduce your monthly bill this spring and all year round with the DTE Insight App. Download the DTE Insight app to help you understand, manage and control your energy usage.

Learn more at dteenergy.com/dteinsight.

Technology can be so helpful. (WDIV)

9. Purchase energy-saving products.

Receive instant rebates on energy efficient products like LEDs, thermostats, outlets and more.

Visit dtemarketplace.com

Got new lightbulbs? (WDIV)

10. Visit DTE’s virtual ‘Interactive Energy Efficient Home.’

Go online and explore for room-by-room tips, rebates and programs that can help you save energy in every room of your home. Learn more at dteenergy.com/home