Man who got 'Lions Super Bowl champs' tattoo stays optimistic

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CENTER LINE, Mich. – Dave Morian is a seriously devoted Detroit Lions fan.

He's so devoted that this past summer he got a tattoo, and it's not just any old "Go Lions" tattoo. Morian went all in. His left calf now bears the image of the Super Bowl trophy with the Lions as the 2015 World Champions.

That's not going to work out.

"Disappointment, you know, slow, and then anger and then just kind of in disbelief I guess," he said.

The good news is the folks at Elite Tattoo in Center Line, where Morian had the work done, planned ahead.

"We made sure to leave the fonts designed in a way that it could be altered and changed as the years went on, because eventually they are going to win the championship. It can easily be changed to 16, and hopefully that's all he has to do, just one alteration and then Dave will be a hero next year," said John Motyka of Elite Tattoo.

Morian said he'll get a touchup job in the next week or so.

"I'm going to get 2015 x'ed out, then get an arrow to below it where it will be 2016," he said.

He said he'll never run out of patience, but he may run out of room on his leg. That's another story.

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