Red Wings' Riley Sheahan helps shelter dogs get adopted


It's Monday morning and Red Wings center Riley Sheahan is on the ice at his day job preparing for the NHL playoffs and talking business.

After work, Sheahan has a very important stop -- one that he's had on his schedule all season. The pro hockey player has a long-standing date with dogs at the Michigan Humane Society.

"It's really cool. He comes out once a month. Sometimes he sneaks out here some other times as well. You can really tell he loves the animals here," said Ryan McTigue, of the Humane Society.

Sheahan's love for animals turned into an idea: he calls it "Riley's Rescues."

"I had the opportunity to help the Humane Society. I've always had a passion for dogs," said Sheahan.

During his visits, Sheahan checks out all the animals. He gets some serious minutes of playing time in. He shoots a picture with one of them, which the Red Wings and the Humane Society promote on social media.

Sheahan picks an adoptable dog to feature. The dog's adopter gets a Red Wings prize pack which includes an autographed picture among other things. On Monday, it was Turner who was ready for his close-up.


-- Sheahan with Turner

"We made a little connection. Cute dog. I'm sure he will get adopted," said Sheahan.

On top of his time, Sheahan also is donating his money -- $100 for every point he scores. He's having a pretty productive season.

The question is: Will he one day take one of these little guys home? Sheahan said he has been close to doing that a couple times.

"Definitely on my mind. Won't say 100 percent 'yes.' I'd definitely love to. It's hard with the travel. Definitely been thinking about it," he said.

What would he name it? Perhaps Pavel? Hank?

"I haven't thought of it yet. We'll see," he said smiling.

Sheahan began doing this in October when the hockey season began. So far, he's promoted five dogs -- Turner being his sixth. All five dogs have been adopted.