Michigan football engages in epic GIF battle with Colorado on Twitter

Michigan battles Colorado Saturday in Ann Arbor

Michigan and Colorado just couldn't wait until Saturday to start duking it out.

The Wolverines will welcome the Buffaloes to the Big House Saturday afternoon for the teams' first matchup since 1997. But the first shots were fired much earlier in the week.

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Colorado kicked off the festivities by tweeting out a fake depth chart filled with celebrities, cartoon characters and movie stars. They tweeted that since Michigan football never releases a depth chart, they would have a little fun with theirs.

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Here's how the Buffaloes will line up:

Now, we could sit around and debate the legitimacy of Elmer Fudd's arm strength or Eric Cartman's ability to get out in the flat for a screen, but luckily, Michigan football's Twitter account started a GIF war with the Colorado football Twitter account to sum it all up for us.

The Buffaloes kicked things off by bringing up their faux depth chart:

Michigan fired back with a GIF of Lloyd Christmas, from "Dumb and Dumber," who is listed as Colorado's punt returner for the game. For new GIF users, Michigan was essentially telling Colorado that it doesn't expect to punt on Saturday.

Colorado brought Jim Harbaugh into the mix.

The Wolverines gladly kept the Harbaugh train rolling, though they were unwilling to part with a pair of his khakis.

Michigan responded with "The Dude" Lebowski, who's listed as Colorado's backup "Roamer Dude."

Things escalated quickly after that. Colorado went straight to its big guns, starting with "left tackle" Eric Cartman.

Backed into a corner, Michigan took a shot at Colorado's star backup safety.

Godfather to the rescue.

Colorado also took a jab at its 1994 visit to the Big House, when the Buffaloes won on Kordell Stewart's 64-yard Hail Mary pass as time expired and No. 7 Colorado stunned No. 4 Michigan. Colorado's Twitter account said: "We'll try not to burn the House to the ground ... again."

Michigan and Colorado will settle things once and for all on the field at 3:30 p.m. Saturday.

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