Trash-talk fail: Ohio State tries to erase Michigan football's 'M'

Michigan fans fire back at 'm' that slipped through cracks


It's rivalry week for Michigan football and Ohio State, and everyone knows that with rivalries, there's trash-talking.

Brady Hoke used to call Ohio State "Ohio," while the Buckeyes would call Michigan "that school up north." It's part of the fun in college football rivalries, especially leading up to one of the biggest games in the matchup's history.

But when the official Ohio State Football Twitter account tried to take a stab at the Wolverines Monday, it broke the most sacred rule of trash-talking -- it made a careless mistake.

Ohio State Football tweeted, "Happy Xonday Xorning from The Ohio State University caXpus," at 8:25 a.m. Monday.

Clever, right? It X'ed out the M's in the tweet because "Michigan" starts with an "M." There were also four pictures of M's X'ed out around Ohio State's campus. This method really has some potential.

But unfortunately, the Buckeyes forgot that the word "from" has an "M" at the end. In fact, that "M" has been there for the entire history of the word "from."

Needless to say, Michigan fans have had a field day with the mistake.

In many of its tweets since, Ohio State has X'ed out the M's, but some have slipped through the cracks. With three days left until The Game, there's sure to be plenty of trash-talking left to go around.