Jim Harbaugh quotes Sir Andrew on Ohio State loss: 'I'll rise to fight again'

Harbaugh speaks at pre-Orange Bowl press conference

During a pre-Orange Bowl press conference Wednesday, Michigan football coach Jim Harbaugh responded to a question about the team's loss to Ohio State as only Harbaugh could.

Harbaugh was asked how hard it had been to get over Michigan's 30-27 loss to Ohio State in double overtime -- a game that ultimately kept the Wolverines out of the College Football Playoff.

"It was a tough loss," he said before launching into a vintage Harbaugh quote.

"As Sir Andrew (Barton) said, 'Fight on, me men. I'm a little hurt, but not slain. I'll lay down and bleed awhile, and then I'll rise to fight again,'" Harbaugh said.

That sounds about right. Harbaugh didn't go with the typical coach-speak answer. There was no "Our team is just looking ahead to the next game" from Michigan's head man.

There's still over three weeks until the No. 6 Wolverines face off with No. 11 Florida State in Miami, and Harbaugh is already quoting poems about 15th Century Scottish sailors.

The Wolverines might not be playing for a national title, but that doesn't mean December won't be interesting.

NOTE: Harbaugh isn't the first coach to quote these lines. Marv Levy did so after losing his first Super Bowl.