Wisconsin dominates state of Michigan in football, now wants UP

And the UP doesn't seem to mind

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DETROIT – Hands off, Wisconsin!

After a shellacking of the Michigan State Spartans on the college gridiron Saturday, the University of Wisconsin football team is laying claim to it's neighbor to the east, Michigan's Upper Peninsula.

In a tweet following Saturday's 38-0 win, Wisconsin pointed out its victories against Michigan foes this year including a 38-14 beat down of the Michigan Wolverines and 61-0 route of Central Michigan.

And the worst part about it? The Upper Peninsula seems to be all about it.

The unofficial twitter page for the UP responded, showing as much fight as Michigan football teams this year, saying it belongs to Wisconsin.

It didn't stop there either. The UP twitter page immediately embraced its new owner, changing its Twitter name to Upper Peninsula of Wisconsin.' It also tweeted the new names of Northern Michigan University and Michigan Tech.

There was also the introduction of a new delicacy.

And marijuana is once again illegal.

So now, more than ever, the Lions need to beat the Green Bay Packers Monday night so Michigan can retain it's dignity... and upper half.