3 free phone apps to help you keep track of family during vacation season

Ensure no one gets lost on vacation this summer with these phone apps

Vacations, festivals and more happen almost every weekend this time of year. Because of that, you will more than likely be busy trying to make sure no one in your family gets lost, including yourself.

Luckily, there are apps that can help make keeping track of everyone a lot easier. Here are three free phone apps that are sure to help you out.


The Life360 app sets up small circles of friends and family to automatically share information such as location and safe arrival.

If a group plans on splitting up and you want to keep track of each other for a short time, you can do so by creating a custom circle.

The app also allows for chatting and sending private messages to other users. This app is free for Android and iOS, but there are premium services available for $4.99 per month.


The Zenly app is a real-time location sharing app designed to help friends keep track of each other and connect in person.

Whether you're at the park, campground, concert, carnival or beach, the app lets others know where you are. It has live GPS locations, messaging and stealth mode.

Another cool feature it has is that it lets you see how much battery is left on your family member's phone. This is also free for iOS and Android. 

MamaBear Family Safety

The MamaBear Family Safety app helps parents monitor their kids' location and get updates and messages from them. 

Children can keep parents updated without having to text or call or check in, and even press a panic button if needed. 

The app goes a step further by allowing users to monitor their teen's social media and driving habits. You can even receive alerts when your teen begins to speed or text while driving. 

Like all of these apps, MamaBear Family Safety is a free-to-download app, but there are premium services available for purchase.