These 3 meditation apps will help your anxiety, stress

These apps will help you unwind

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Between our busy schedules, social media, nonstop news cycle and more, we could all stand to take at least a few minutes to reset each day.

Luckily, there are a number of meditation apps that can help you do that.


This app trains you to develop a routine and gives you the option of "mini-mediations" and "SOS" sessions if your anxiety is increasing. 

It is free for iOS and Android, but a paid subscription is required. It can be found by clicking here.

10% Happier

This app brings together instructors, specialists and scientists to teach the basics of meditation.

It positions itself as an app perfect for the skeptics, meaning users who question the benefits of mindfulness might want to consider giving this app a chance.

This app is also free for iOS and Android, but requires a paid subscription. Find it by clicking here.


Finally, Aura suggests a three-minute guided meditation session to specifically cater to your attitude.

The app also features life coaching, storytelling and music, as well as connecting you with a community of users and teachers for group support. 

This app is free for iOS and Android and features premium options available for purchase. Click here to download Aura.