Are implanted microchips wave of future for humans?

Technology can replace cash or credit cards when making purchases

Pexels photo.
Pexels photo.

Imagine having a microchip implanted into your skin to help with life's functions.

Have you ever considered the idea? Perhaps it's not as crazy as it sounds, considering more than 4,000 people in Sweden have had microchips inserted into their hands, and more could decide to do so, according to the New York Post

So, what exact purpose does this serve? 

Inventors said it’s an alternative way to carry out everyday activities such as entering office buildings -- in place of using key cards -- monitoring your health, and even making purchases in stores, instead of using cash or credit cards.

That’s right: you can pay for something simply by swiping a hand.

The technology was invented by a man named Jowan Osterlund, who said in the New York Post article that he’s been approached by intrigued investors around the world.

Sweden as a country is trending toward going cashless, with coins and notes making up just 1% of its economy.

Of course, there are concerns, mainly about the privacy of someone’s data once the microchip is inserted.

But Osterlund insists it's safe and hopes it will become a global craze in the near future. 

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