4 benefits of eating at a food truck-- 2017 Vote 4 the Best

Vote for your favorite food truck until Aug. 13


DETROIT – Local 4's 2017 Vote 4 the Best competition is halfway over, and one of the categories that needs your votes is food trucks. These businesses on wheels are becoming more and more popular, and with good reason. Here are 4 benefits of eating at a food truck:

  • It’s speedy—When you go to a restaurant, you have to sit down, wait to order and then wait for your food. Although there are occasionally lines when you visit a food truck, the time you spend waiting is nothing compared to a sit-down meal. You can get some food and still have plenty of time left on your lunch break. (Source: Prestige Food Trucks
  • You can save some money—As entrepreneur Jeremy Adams writes, you can get a main course, a drink and a dessert at a food truck for a lot less money than you can at most traditional restaurants. A few dollars off is a huge bonus for most people, and the food is still high quality!
  • They represent community—Food trucks draw locals from all around to come out and enjoy a meal. Food Truckr, a website and blog for food truck owners, points out that anything that brings people together is good for the community, and hanging out with some fellow residents of your town is sure to brighten your day.
  • Food specialization— PreGel America states that food vendors simply can’t be the best at everything. Food trucks embrace this fact, and spend their time specializing in one or two types of cuisine. This way, even though there may be fewer options, the dishes that are offered are sure to be the best around.

If you appreciate the many benefits of eating at a food truck and have a favorite, be sure to vote for your favorite business in the Quick Eats category in our Vote 4 the Best competition. Remember you can vote once per hour until Aug. 13.  Go to ClickonDetroit.com/vote4thebest or scroll to the bottom of this page to vote.

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