10 best pet groomers in Metro Detroit: Vote 4 the Best Pets


Vote 4 The Best Pets is over and viewers voted for their favorite pet grooming shops in Metro Detroit! 

Some of the businesses on the list are new but others made the top 10 last year as well. 

Here are the top 10 pet grooming shops in Metro Detroit, according to Vote 4 The Best results:

1. The Downriver Grooming Company (Wyandotte)

2. Bubble Puppy (Trenton)

3. Tender Touch Pet Spa (Oxford)

4. Dapper Dog Wash (St. Clair Shores)

5. Abby's Mutt Hut (Flat Rock)

6. Pampered Pups Salon (St. Claire Shores)

7. Shear Delight Pet Salon

8. Troy Grooming (Troy)

9. Paws Grooming Studio (Canton)

10. Amazing Pet Grooming (Garden City)


Don't forget to nominate and vote in this year's main Vote 4 the Best campaign starting tomorrow.  See categories below.