From Autoworker to Spa Owner: ‘The Massage Diva’

Native Detroiter tells us how a simple massage changed her life

Rejuvenation Station owner, Kelly Winfred Moore (WDIV)

Getting a massage at Rejuvenation Station is fairly different than many massage spas in Metro Detroit. Rejuvenation Station incorporates full-body stretching, steams and detoxes.

Kelly Winfrey-Moore is a retired Chrysler autoworker who has chronic arthritis. A cousin of hers gifted her a massage when she retired and Winfrey-Moore said “that massage changed her life". Winfrey-Moore went to school full time to be a masseuse after her cousin’s gift, and at the same time, she raised three kids and took care of her father who was in the hospital.

“I worked in every sector of massage therapy before opening up my spa and I wanted to incorporate all of it," said Winfrey-Moore. After becoming certified, Winfrey-Moore became an instructor at Everest in 2017. From there she met her husband, and they opened Rejuvenation Station together. “When we opened we hired two new people, they were students when I taught at Everest,” said Winfrey-Moore. Today there are three people working at the spa and they are currently looking for a receptionist.

The signature massage is based on Winfrey-Moore’s first massage. It lasts about seventy minutes and includes many massage techniques. There are three different rooms at the spa; an African, Asian, and European room. “We tell our customers to pick a destination!”

“During the beginning of the pandemic we were shut down by the state for months,” said Winfrey-Moore, “We are a family-owned and operated business and this was our primary source of income.” For the last three years, Rejuvenation Station had serviced local hotels and Quicken Loans, but because of the pandemic, they’ve lost their corporate contacts and were unable to do their mobile services.

Currently, the hours vary for the spa due to the pandemic as well as Winfrey-Moore being a mother. Since reopening the spa has a limited number of clients that can come in for appointment-only treatments.

Rejuvenation Station works with other small businesses in the community. “We refer a lot of our customers to Chiropractic Works in Oak Park! It is African owned, and I go there as well.” When it comes to showing support for other local businesses, the spa encourages its customers to use their networking board. Over the years Winfrey-Moore has rented out her space to a local print company and young masseuses. “I encourage all young entrepreneurs to go into their own massage businesses, it is extremely rewarding.”

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