How will the weather impact your Sunday plans in Metro Detroit?


DETROIT – Good Sunday morning to you! Heading to church or out to breakfast? Or perhaps that early morning jog? Or maybe the dog wants to take you for a walk? The weather shouldn’t be a problem.

Even the fog we had Saturday morning isn’t as widespread (there still may be some in spots). The wind is light, so temperatures in the 30s shouldn’t be too hard to take.

It’s official: We’ve now hit the home stretch on the annual quest to buy the perfect Christmas gifts for all 113 people on your list. If that’s your task for the afternoon, there are no weather issues. In fact, computer models suggest that we’ll see at least partial sunshine develop. So, even if highs in the low 40s are still on the chilly side for you, remember that it’s nice and toasty inside your car if it has been parked in the sun (and the sun is still up when you get to the car, that is).

Time your trip to the mall so that you get back to your car by mid-afternoon. Just a little tip!

We still have no weather problems for your late-afternoon and early-evening plans, so Mother Nature won’t hold you up if you’re heading out to Sunday dinner. But, if we can hold onto any clear skies this evening, then see if you can find the comet that’s in our nighttime sky! This weekend is when it’s closest to Earth, so this is our best chance to see it. Check out my article, which includes a map I made showing which two prominent objects in the sky will guide you to the general vicinity of the comet.  You can read details about that here

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