2016 Climate Change Webcast with Paul Gross

DETROIT – Paul Gross held his third annual climate change webcast on Wednesday.

Gross runs through the science around climate change, using a mix of graphics and maps to present an impartial view on what's happening to the planet. 

"I have some new graphics to show you this year that really help to explain the science and bring it down to a level that most people can understand," Gross said.

He added that he makes his usual promise when discussing this controversial issue: "I am not an advocate, and do not accept ANY information from advocacy groups. I am not trying to promote a point of view.  Rather, I am a fiercely independent scientist who has earned your trust over many years to ONLY bring you science directly from the scientific community."

Along with his presentation, Gross is taking questions from our audience. You can submit them through the Local 4 Facebook page on Thursday morning. He'll answer as many possible.

"I give a lot of lectures about global warming, and there is no question in my mind that there is considerable interest in the subject, and a great desire for unbiased, straight information," Gross said. 

Spread the word to your friends and family:  anybody can watch live on ClickOnDetroit.com Wednesday at 12:30 PM.

About Paul Gross 

Paul Gross is considered by the American Meteorological Society as one of the nation's leaders in explaining the science of climate change. Earlier this year, Paul worked with a climate change communications company, Climate Central, to create a PowerPoint that was distributed free to any broadcast meteorologist in the country who wanted one, to enable his colleagues to give presentations about the subject. Paul will share many slides from this presentations, which was personally vetted by the executive director of the American Meteorological Society. He lectures often in Metro Detroit about Earth's warming climate.

Gross has been a meteorologist at Local 4 since 1983, and has been awarded seven Emmys from the Michigan chapter of the National Association of Television Arts and Sciences. He is designated both a Certified Consulting Meteorologist and a Certified Broadcast Meteorologist by the American Meteorological Society.