Parker says he was with Insituform when contract 1368 was ongoing. At Insituform they had heard the rumors that the contract was just sitting on the mayor's desk. 

"You recognize that sometimes rumors are not true?" asks Thomas. Yes sir say Parker. 

Looking at the special administrator order 2005-33. Parker knew that mayor could grant contracts through special administrative orders. 

Thomas says that Insituform was coming at the end of its fiscal year and was expecting reimbursement on 1368. Yes says Parker. 

Looking at internal email on December 19th 2005 at Insituform about amendment #4 on 1368. Thomas says at the end of the year the company would want to generate whatever revenue they could. Parker agrees. Thomas says that Insituform thought that final ratifications needed mayor's sign-off. 

Thomas asks witness if he is a mind reader. Parker says he is a great business developer. 

Thomas says Paul Meschino who wrote the Insituform email was operating on a rumor. 

Thomas says that board approving amendments has nothing to do with payments going out because there were still hoops to go through. Parker agrees. 

Looking at the special administrative order for the amendment #4 to 1368. Kilpatrick authorizes it by signature on December 23 2005. 

Going back to Meschino email from December 19th 2005 where he voices concerns about getting paid for amendment #4. Meschino is writing off the project before mayor signs off on December 23rd. 

Thomas says on December 23rd there were 3 people running for re-election in city council and that there was historical difficulty for Kilpatrick to get through city council. Thomas says the fact they were "lame duck", running for re-election may have caused a delay in activities. 

Chutkow objects. Judge says she doesn't know how the witness can speculate what was going on in the heads of city council. 

Thomas says special administrative orders meant to be quicker to get through the delays of city council. Parker agrees. 

Thomas asking about election recount. Parker wasn't aware there was one in December. 

It wasn't officially announced that Kilpatrick was mayor until December 23rd. Thomas's point being that he wasn't really in a position to sign anything until then. 

Judge says that's enough for today. We'll pick it up again tomorrow at 9AM.

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