Looking at picture of laundry room. See picture of the safe behind the dryer. 

Opened the safe and found it full to the top with wads of US currency. contents inventories- $275,000 in cash and 5 official checks for $500,820. 

Once they emptied safe, laid out contents. Looking at that picture. Close up of 4 of the checks in the safe, all made payable to Ferguson Enterprises for $100,000. There is a 5th cashier's check was made made payable to FEI for $100,820. Cashier's check not in the photo. 

Looking at picture of all the US currency counted out as they labeled the stacks. Cash was found in denominations of $50 andf $100. Strapped in $5,000 and $10,000 bundles. Total was $275,000. The stack was just less than half an inch. 

Seems like feds found about $2.3 million in hidden safes in Ferguson's offices and home. 

12:11PM Rataj crosses. 

Rataj says there is nothing illegal about having safes in home and office. Witness agrees. 

Rataj says it is not illegal to have cash at home or business. Witness answers it is not as long as they are not proceeds from something illegal. 

Rataj says no law prohibiting this. Witness agrees. 

Rataj asks about the dates on the searches. There is a year and 9 months between the searches on the offices and the townhouse in Southfield. 

Looking at documents from inside safe at Xcel offices. 

Now looking at the bundles of cash in bank straps. Rataj says that would indicate that the money came from a bank. At some point, yes says the witness. 

Rosenthal agrees she knew that Ferguson had long standing relationship with First Independence bank. 

Witness agrees that when she went to speak to banking officials she would have identified herself as FBI. 

Witness told bank people she was looking for records. 

Rataj asks if she said she was investigating criminal activity related to the instruments. Possibly, yes says the witness. 

Witness agrees that at some point First Independence Bank terminated relationship with Ferguson. 

Rataj says you investigated Ferguson at the bank and then they told Ferguson to get his money out. Witness says she wasn't present but knows that the relationship was terminated. 

Rataj says the same thing happened at Paramount Bank. Rataj says that once feds investigated Ferguson at the bank they asked him to take his money out of the bank. 

Witness says she knows that at some point that relationship ended. 

Rataj turns to Nstar Bank. Rataj says the same thing happened. Witness says that Ferguson's accounts were closed automatically because there were no funds in his account. 

Rataj saying that Ferguson no longer allowed to bank at Nstar because of federal investigation. 

Rataj saying that after 2010 he couldn't find a place to bank. Witness disagrees and says he had accounts at Bank of America and Comerica. 

Rataj says she testified to this in timeline of events to grand jury. 

Rataj says that Ferguson had to put his money somewhere. "I can't speak to where Ferguson would choose to put his money," says witness.