A Rochester school bus driver who was arrested Friday for retail fraud should never have been at the mall in the first place, according to the bus service company's list of approved places.

Roseanne Maria Stacho, 53, walked into the Parisian at the Village of Rochester Hills shopping center, according to police, and stuffed a handbag full of more than $500 worth of men's and women's clothing. The store recognized her from prior visits and employees watched as she went into a changing room to stuff the bag.

Stacho faces a retail fraud charge. She was released on a $10,000 personal bond.

The company, Durham School Services, sent representatives in front of the Rochester School Board on Monday night. Board members asked Stacho's bosses for answers.

"Really, we need, you need, to restore that confidence and that's going to require some extra effort, and I certainly hope that you understand that," said Lisa Nowak, of the Rochester School Board.

While the investigation continues there is not much that can be revealed. However, the company did say Stacho passed a background check and had no previous charges or convictions.

Board members are giving the company a week to come up with a full report on the incident.

Durham is new to the district. Rochester opted to privatize the bus service as a major cost-saving measure.