Wayne County officials are ordered to preserve all evidence in the failed jail project investigation.

Prosecutor Kym L. Worthy handed her office's investigation -- along with the Auditor General's report -- over to a one-man grand jury this week.

County Judge Timothy Kenny issued an order on Thursday for all county officials to preserve evidence such as records, letters, budget reports, notes, project bids, emails, text messages and more.

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The new jail project was stopped after it was revealed it was more than $100 million over budget. Auditor General Willie Mayo put together a 150-page report that allegedly details wrongdoings in the jail construction project.

That report was given to Worthy who then handed to a grand jury. Everyone else has been barred from seeing it.

The grand jury is asked to conduct a judicial investigation into alleged neglect of duty by a public official, conspiracy, fraud, misconduct and false statements relating to public finances and/or financial conditions within the county.

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