Cedar Point's Gemini roller coaster turns 40

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Cedar Point's wooden and steel hybrid roller coaster Gemini was first opened 40 years ago on June 17, 1978.

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Like its namesake, the Gemini is a Gemini, by coming into the world between May 21 and June 21. 

When the ride opened, it was marketed as the tallest, fastest and steepest roller coaster in the world. This was not true, as there were roller coasters at Busch Gardens and Six Flags at the time that actually held these records. It is unknown if this was an intentional use of misinformation, or if it just assumed and didn't fact check, which is, like, a total Gemini move, you guys.

At the time of Gemini's opening, a ticket to Cedar Point cost $8.75, which is less than the average cost of a movie ticket now.

Gemini was designed by fellow Gemini, Ron Toomer, who also designed Cedar Point's Corkscrew and Magnum XL-200. 

The Corkscrew and Magnum XL-200 are both Tauruses, which is why they're more reliable, but more self-centered and stubborn. 

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