CPS investigating after 2-year-old girl found wandering in Detroit

Child's mother said she doesn't know why girl left

DETROIT – Child Protective Services is investigating after a 2-year-old girl was found wandering in Detroit on Thursday evening.

"A guy knocked on my door saying, 'Is this your little girl?' 'No, it's not my daughter, but give her here. I'll take her. It's cold,'" Joetta Faulkner said.

Faulkner said she took Samareiah Morgan and called police.

The little girl was with Detroit police for more than eight hours before her parents came to get her.

"She was in the house, when we were sleep. When you left there, she was in the house sleep. I don't understand how she got outside," Alicia Hodge said.

Alicia Hodge and the father started arguing. 

"You told me she was *expletive* sleep," Hodge said.

Father: "She was and I locked the door. I don't know how she got out."

Minutes later, Hodge wanted to talk to Local 4's Larry Spruill.

"Because I take care of my baby and she just walked out of the house and we were sleep," Hodge said. "That's all that happened." 

Larry: "How does a 2-year-old walk out?"

Hodge: "A 2-year-old walks out because they're bigger and better and stronger and they're smart, that's how. She was having a party with her cousins and she fell asleep. Why she walked out? I don't know."

Larry: "When did you realize she was missing?" 

Hodge: "When the officer told me something about a baby. I didn't know."

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