Mother speaks out after 2-year-old girl found wandering Detroit

DETROIT – A mother spoke to Local 4 Friday after her 2-year-old daughter was found wandering the streets of Detroit.

A neighbor found the girl Thursday walking down the street on Detroit’s Westside. She was taken to a police station and it was hours before her parents came to get her. 

ORIGINAL STORY: Parents claim toddler found wandering alone in Detroit

“She was in the house, when we were sleep. When you left there, she was in the house sleep. I don’t understand how she got outside,” said Alicia Hodge. 

Alicia Hodge and the father started arguing. 

“You told me she was *expletive* sleep,” said Hodge. 

Father: "She was and I locked the door. I don’t know how she got out."

Minutes later, Hodge wanted to talk to Local 4’s Larry Spruill.

“Because I take care of my baby and she just walked out of the house and we were sleep," Hodge said. "That’s all that happened." 

Larry: "How does a 2-year-old walk out?"

Hodge: "A 2-year-old walks out because they’re bigger and better and stronger and they’re smart, that’s how. She was having a party with her cousins and she fell asleep. Why she walked out? I don’t know."

Larry: "When did you realize she was missing?" 

Hodge: "When the officer told me something about a baby. I didn’t know."

Child Protective Services is investigating. 

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