Will Detroit have marijuana bars? Local attorney believes so

People could smoke marijuana at bars

They’re called social consumption bars, also known as marijuana bars.

DETROIT – They’re called social consumption bars, also known as marijuana bars.

It’s a place where you can go and consume marijuana.

A local law firm says the concept is simple. The firm wants to have places where people can go smoke marijuana, and it says Detroit is a great launching pad for that.

“I think the city of Detroit is going to be progressive, as they always have been,” said Barton Morris Jr., with Cannabis Legal Group.

Morris said it’s a strong prediction but he believes it will become true. He’s willing to bet on the Motor City all the way when it comes to social consumption bars.

“Just like alcohol has bars where people can consume alcohol, it’s appropriate because it’s inappropriate to consume alcohol on a street or a park. It’s more appropriate to be confined within a space. The same thing can be said for marijuana,” Morris said.

Morris said his law firm is currently working on establishing the unique social bars across Metro Detroit and Michigan.

“There are going to be social consumption bars or places where people can consume marijuana, just like alcohol,” Morris said.

But Morris said the bars will have to meet certain requirements.

“The regulatory agency, Marijuana Regulatory Agency, they’re providing these licenses. You have to apply for them in November, the beginning of November. But it also necessitates permission from the city. So, you can’t just do it anywhere. You have to have the city’s permission, otherwise known as the municipal license,” Morris said.

Morris said Detroit is not the only city rolling out the early plans.

“The city of Ann Arbor, as well, traditionally has been very liberal when it comes to cannabis laws, has always been,” Morris said.

Morris said if approved, the social consumption bars won’t be able to sell alcohol or food. The state will start taking applications Nov. 1.