Spotlight: ‘Prince Owen' reigns in long jump competition.

Shrine Catholic student, Owen Groth wins award


Owen Groth is an elite long jumper on the track and field team at Shrine Catholic High School.  He has been running since the seventh grade and is excited to see what he can do in his first year back after an injury. Get to know why he was voted "Favorite Long Jumper in Track and Field" in our Spring Fan Choice Awards.

Why track:

“I like to think my biggest strength is my leadership in terms of being able to lead through my words and my performance on the track. The best part about track is that there is really no other sport like it. It’s an individual sport as well as a team sport,” Owen said.


From setback to come back:

 “Owen is coming back from a season ending injury last season, so his drive and determination is palpable. Owen also is shooting for a couple of long standing school records. I have no doubt he will be successful in those attempts as well. Owen will be a leader and a success in whatever field he ultimately chooses,” said coach Tracy Dawson.  


In his parent’s eyes:

We spoke with Owen's parents about his athletic career so far.

Q: How do you feel watching Owen run track?

A: It's amazing watching him work so hard and be so successful.

Q: How does Owen act after a win? How about a loss?

A: Owen is the most expressive and spirited person. He cheers for everyone, win or lose. He takes it hard when he loses, but mostly because he wants to do his best.

Fun fact:

Outside of track, Owen also plays soccer and basketball. He’s also member of the Shrine Student Leadership Executive Council and portrayed the role of Prince Topher in the musical, "Cinderella." His friends and family affectionately now call him, "Prince Owen."