SPOTLIGHT: Clarkston HS figure skater dreams of working for NASA

Madison Dryden won the 4Frenzy Award for Favorite Student

Madison Dryden
Madison Dryden (Madison Dryden)
  • Favorite school subject: Math
  • Favorite place: The coffee shop at Honcho, located downtown
  • Favorite artist: Lorde & The Lumineers
  • Role model: Katherine Johnson of NASA

The winner of Favorite Student in 4Frenzy’s 2020 Spring Fan Choice Awards is Madison Dryden. Madison is a part of the National Honor Society, the Senior Executive Board, and the math, science, and technology academy at Clarkston High School.

Where Her Passion Took Her

Even with all the extracurriculars that she is participating in, Madison still makes time to figure skate. Her love for figure skating started when she was three years old. She then became a coach at 16 years old after assisting Learn to Skate Classes for two years.

“Sometimes, after hundreds of falls, it is easy to get discouraged. But, the feeling of landing a jump for the first time, or finally skating your whole routine perfectly, is worth every struggle that it took to get there.”

Madison Dryden

Second Family

Madison is a part of the figure skating team at her school. Her teammates have made Clarkston’s competitions something to look forward to. Her teammates are a tight-knit second family that she would not trade for the world. During daily practice and yearly ice shows the team supports, laughs, and encourages one another to be the best skaters they can be.

Madison Dryden figure skating, doing what she loves. (Madison Dryden)

Future Plans

In the future, Madison plans on attending the University of Michigan to study Aerospace Engineering, with a desired minor in Astronomy/Astrophysics. Her overall goal is to work for NASA, as a part of a space exploration project or research team.

Congratulations on your 4Frenzy award and keep reaching for the stars, Madison!


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