SPOTLIGHT: Marysville HS senior training for Junior Olympics

Kaia Scheffler won two 4Frenzy Awards for Track & Field

4Frenzy Spring 2020 - Kaia Scheffler
4Frenzy Spring 2020 - Kaia Scheffler (WDIV)
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The winner of two 4Frenzy Spring Fan Choice Awards in the Track and Field category is Kaia Scheffler! Kaia won the 100m and 300m Hurdles categories. The senior at Marysville High School also won the state championship last year for 100m hurdles and placed all states in the 300m hurdles!

Where It All Began

Kaia began running track in seventh grade after she had quit gymnastics a few years before. She always felt fast running down the vault runway so she decided to try track out. After discovering that she loved it, Kaia stuck with track all through middle school and then joined the Marysville team freshman year. She began to train with a hurdling coach to practice improving her form, then officially joined the team.

“Trust the journey and the process because you will train hard, but it will all pay off in the end and it’s so worth it.”

Kaia Scheffler

Still Training

Kaia qualified for both indoor and outdoor Nationals as well as Junior Olympics in July of 2019. Although COVID-19 forced a change in plans, Kaia also qualified and is now training for the champions division of New Balance Indoor Nationals and the Junior Olympics.

4Frenzy Spring 2020- Kaia Scheffler (WDIV)

More Than an Athlete

Kaia was also on the varsity cheerleading team at her school and for four years she participated in sideline cheer, and three of the years she participated in competitive cheer. She was also part of the National Honor Society throughout high school.

Future Plans

Kaia will be continuing her track career at Michigan State University! It has been hard to adjust to the life of quarantine but she is not letting it bring her down or stop her from reaching her goals.

Congratulations on your 4Frenzy awards Kaia, and good luck!


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