SPOTLIGHT: Bloomfield Hills multi-sport captain shares his take on perseverance through hard times

Meet basketball and football player, Christian Jordan

Senior 4Frenzy Spotlight, Christian Jordan (right) (Toni Jordan)

Favorite subject in school: AP Macroeconomics

Favorite place to visit: Downtown Birmingham

Favorite lunch at school: Stir-fry

Favorite artist: NBA Youngboy

Role models: Toni Jordan [Mom], Kennedy McIntosh [Uncle], and Kobe Bryant

Christian Jordan began playing basketball and football in the 5th grade. Now a senior at Bloomfield Hills High School, he is the captain of the varsity basketball and football teams.

“My two mentors in basketball are Phil Kurajian and Coach Pete Kahler,” he said. “Both of them helped me to push beyond my boundaries and oftentimes they have believed in me more than I believed in myself.”

When asked if he could touch on a time where his courage was challenged, Jordan shared that his father, Carey, suffered four large strokes that changed his family’s life.

“My dad struggled daily to get back to being the man he was before the strokes,” he said. “I found my courage to persevere through my life by watching him.”

Carey’s fatherly love through tough times inspired Jordan to make his family proud. Outside of sports, Jordan participates in the Sheriff PAL Program (Police Athletic League), is a member of the Pontiac Kappa League, and is a member of Young Heroes through Delta Sigma Theta.

In the future, Jordan hopes to play basketball in college and major in communication or journalism with a focus in sports commentary.

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