SPOTLIGHT: Lakeview athlete takes two 4Frenzy basketball categories

Senior Lucas Shock touches on positivity on the court

Lakeview HS Senior, Lucas Shock, dribbles down the court (George Spiteri)

Favorite subject in school: Science

Favorite place in St. Clair Shores: The lake, for fishing

Favorite artist: Morgan Wallen

Who is your role model? His father, he does what’s best for others

A senior at Lakeview High School, Lucas Shock is an all-league award winner with academic honors and has been on the varsity basketball team all four years of high school. Taking the win on two 4Frenzy categories, ‘Favorite Senior’ and ‘Shooting Guard,’ Shock touches on staying positive during the pandemic.

“The pandemic reminded me that anything can happen at any given moment,” he said. “You need to play like it’s your last time, all the time.”

By blocking out the negativity in his life, Shock focuses his attention on the positives and looks forward to the good times.

“I love to go fishing and hunting in my free time,” he said. “I am always up to go hang or hoop with friends too.”

On the court, Shock explains that his team is his family. “We have a special bond and it’s always great to be around them.”

His favorite thing about playing with his team is knowing how they play. In a game, Shock can predict what one of his teammates is going to do, because of how well he knows their game.

In the future, Shock plans of playing basketball at the next level [college] and hopes to obtain a degree in a technology or engineering-related field. If he could give any advice to those entering his sport, Shock says to always keep improving.

“Even though you may seem at your best you still have to work on,” he said. “Live every moment you have in sports in your high school career, it’ll go by in a flash!”

Congratulations Lucas, and best of luck to you!

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