SPOTLIGHT: Rylie plays varsity football at her high school

Rylie James from Ecorse wins Favorite Freshman for Football

4Frenzy Spotlight - Rylie James

Favorite School Subject: Art

Favorite School Lunch: Pizza

Favorite Actor: Ryan Reynolds

Role Model: Her older sister

Rylie James won Favorite Freshman in the Football category of the 4Frenzy Fan Choice Awards!

In 2014 Rylie decided to join football, playing for Melvindale’s junior team, and now she has reached varsity. She has gone on to get a ton of experience in football and has had the support of her teammates and coaching staff who treat her as an equal.

There have been times that Rylie has struggled, however, she has always persevered and continued to play the sport she loves.

“Never give up and try to make it through,” advised Rylie. “There were several times I wanted to give up, but I didn’t.”

Now that the football season is over, Rylie remains busy as she helps take care of her younger set of twin brothers. She enjoys playing video games and drawing in her spare time. She stays on top of school work, but doesn’t spend too much time around the school outside of school hours.

In the future, Rylie hopes to attend college but is uncertain where. She does know that she wants to become a graphic designer!

Football remains Rylie’s favorite sport and she still has three more years to enjoy in high school.

We look forward to seeing what your future holds, Rylie!

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