Video: Highlighting U of D Jesuit High School’s swim team

This week, 4Frenzy is highlighting the swim team at U of D Jesuit High School. And they’ve made a big splash in our Winter Fan Choice Awards -- receiving nominations in every category!

DETROIT – This week, 4Frenzy is highlighting the swim team at the University of Detroit Jesuit High School.

They made a big splash in our Winter Fan Choice Awards, receiving nominations in every category!

“I think there were a lot of teachers nominating kids and of course, family, friends and all that, so it was really cool to see how many names were on those lists, and well deserved ones for sure,” said head coach Drew Edson.

The swim team has spent all winter perfecting their strokes, and it has certainly paid off. Last week, the team won the Catholic League Meet for the first time in 51 years.

“It’s awesome that we can be the seniors on the first team to do it in 51 years,” said swim captain Andres Borrego.

Local 4′s Kim DeGiulio is taking you to meet the U of D Jesuit Boys Swim Team, whose captains are also 4Frenzy nominees. Watch in the video player above.

No doubt these swimmers have earned some recognition. For the last four months, they’ve been practicing 10 times a week before and after school and on Saturday mornings.

“To actually see my friends and me on that list was kind of crazy,” Andres said.

They’re wrapping up the season this weekend.

“As much as I’m gonna love not having to wake up in the morning and go to practice after school, I’m gonna miss being with these guys every day,” Andres said.

Coach Drew said the success has been a long time coming for them, and they earned it. So, it’s no wonder why this team was nominated for so many categories in our 4Frenzy competition.

“And I think that was the coolest part about it, is that they weren’t too concerned if they won something or not, they were more concerned with letting people know that they’re there. Right? Letting people know that we’re U of D Jesuit and we’re here to stay, no matter the year,” Coach Drew said.

“At U of D, we have such a good community going that, once we see our fellow clubs get nominated for something, we all go support them,” said captain Charlie Bruce.

The swim team wasn’t the only U of D team nominated in our Winter 4Frenzy. The school received nominations for their basketball, hockey and wrestling teams, as well as their science and English programs!

You can watch Kim DeGiulio’s 4Frenzy feature in the video player above.

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