Spotlight: Nick has ‘had a basketball in his hands since he was a baby’

Wyandotte freshman plays varsity hoops for Gabriel Richard

Gabriel Richard's Nick Sobush, 4Frenzy Spotlight Story (WDIV)

Favorite School Subject: Social Studies

Favorite Place in Wyandotte: Pulaski Park Basketball Court

Favorite School Lunch: Italian Sub

Favorite Actor: William Zabka (Cobra Kai)

Nicholas Sobush, a freshman at Gabriel Richard Catholic High School, said he officially started playing basketball when he was 5, but his parents said he was even younger when he caught the basketball bug.

“I love the game of basketball and hope someday to compete at the next level,” Nick said.

Gabriel Richard's Nick Sobush, 4Frenzy Spotlight Story (WDIV)

His advice for younger players is to work hard and never take days off. Nick said if you love the game you should want to spend the extra time in the gym to improve. And that work ethic has paid off.

“Being a freshman at the varsity level has definitely been a learning experience,” he said. “My teammates are my brothers and are very supportive. The thing I admire most about them, especially the seniors, is their leadership.”

Gabriel Richard's Nick Sobush, 4Frenzy Spotlight Story

Nick is the youngest of three boys and a twin. He looks up to his older brother who was very gifted athletically.

And even though Nick is a right-hander, he shoots and bats with his left. Yes, he also plays baseball, and whatever other sports are in season.

Big congrats to Nick Sobush for winning 4Frenzy’s “Favorite Freshman” title!

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