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DOCtoberfest coming to downtown Ann Arbor's State Theatre

Like documentaries? This film series is for you.

Credit: Matt Giles

ANN ARBOR, Mich.Downtown Ann Arbor's State Theatre will be showing a series of four documentaries this month during during its DOCtoberfest event. 

Documentaries chosen for the event range in topic from the rise of craft breweries to the origins of the "Alien" movie franchise.

Individually, tickets for the documentaries cost $10.50 but those interested in all of the films can by a bundle of four tickets for $38. The ticket bundle also comes with vouchers for 50% off popcorn for each of the four DOCtoberfest films. 

All of the films will be shown at 7:30 p.m. 

Here are the documentaries to be screened. 



In 95 minutes, learn about the life of brewmasters. The 2018 film dissects the rise of over 7,000 craft breweries across the United States by following Drew and Brian, two men set on achieving different beer-related goals. Brian wants to become a master cicerone and must take a rigorous exam testing his beer knowledge -- an exam very few have passed. Drew wants to start his own brewery and catch the eye of potential investors. 

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"John McEnroe: In the Realm of Perfection"

Oct. 16

Viewed through clips made form 16 mm footage of tennis champion John McEnroe, the documentary revolves around McEnroe's volatile temper, as well as his athleticism at the 1984 French Open in Paris.  The documentary interweaves McEnroe's mastery and skills in tennis with a look at the human body, movement, sport and cinematography. 

"A Murder in Mansfield"

Oct. 23

In an 88-minute documentary, filmmaker Barbara Kopple unveils the murder of Noreen Boyle in 1989. The documentary explores Boyle's slaying in Mansfield, Ohio, and incorporates testimony from Collier Landry, who implicated his father in the murder. Tied into the documentary is Landry's confrontation with his father as he returns to Ohio to take on his past. 

After the screening, there will be a live video question-and-answer session with Landry. 

"Memory: The Origins of Alien"

Oct. 30

An official selection for the 2019 Sundance Film Festival, the 93-minute documentary takes  deep dives into Ridley Scott's 1979 cult classic "Alien." Inspired by mythology and fear, the film explores the process of creating "Alien," including storyboards, rejected designs and behind-the-scenes footage. 

Students, seniors and veterans or active duty military members can receive $2 off the price of tickets. 

The State Theatre is at 233 South State St.  

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