Underground Printing launches Ann Arbor Hospitality Fundraiser to support local businesses

100% of net proceeds from ‘Flatten the Curve’ T-shirts will go to participating businesses

The 'Flatten the Curve' design on Underground Printing's Ann Arbor Hospitality Fundraiser T-shirts. (Underground Printing)

ANN ARBOR – As cases of COVID-19 rise in Michigan and statewide measures like the closure of cafes and bars are enforced to protect residents, more and more businesses are limiting operations or closing altogether.

In an effort to support the local hospitality community during this time, Underground Printing has kicked off the Ann Arbor Hospitality Fundraiser.

It is selling special ‘Flatten the Curve’ T-shirts for $24 through March 30 and 100% of net proceeds will go toward participating businesses.

A release about the fundraiser details the struggles facing the local hospitality industry:

"COVID-19 has affected all of us, and that’s certainly true of our friends in the hospitality industry. The abrupt university closures coupled with the necessary government shut-down our favorite service-based businesses has put many of our friends and family out of work for the foreseeable future. Just as we rely on them to keep Ann Arbor one of the most vibrant dining cities in the country, they rely on us to support them through good times and bad.

“100% of net proceeds from each sale will go directly toward these participating businesses and financial relief for employees affected by the unfortunate circumstances we are all in. 80% of the proceeds will go towards the business that sent you here, and 20% will go to a pool that we will split evenly amongst the greater group, making sure that establishments large and small benefit."

For a list of participating businesses, click here.

To place an order, click here.

T-shirt sales will end at midnight on March 30. Orders will be shipped on April 3.

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