Cannabis sales steady at Ann Arbor’s Om of Medicine despite coronavirus measures

Photo: Pixabay

ANN ARBOR – Though most businesses are hurting right now, sales at Om of Medicine are steady for the time being, said the retailer’s community outreach coordinator Lisa Conine.

Following Gov. Whitmer’s announcement of a statewide stay-in-place order on Monday, medical and adult use cannabis businesses were declared essential services.

“It’s great that they included adult use as well," said Conine. “It’s forward-thinking and we love that because so many people are using it medicinally even if they don’t have their card. They might not understand the process, don’t want to be on the government list or don’t have the money to pay for the card and registration. If this would have happened even just two years ago with our past leadership, we probably would have been shut down."

Operations at Om of Medicine have drastically changed due to the executive order. While clients can still order online and take advantage of curbside pick up, only employees are allowed in the store.

Bagged meters and markers for clients are seen outside Om of Medicine on Main St. in downtown Ann Arbor. (Om of Medicine)

Conine said while many of its employees are working from home, Om still has a maximum of 10 workers at the facility each day. She said they are complying with safety protocols like staying six-feet away from one another, wearing gloves and masks when necessary, cleaning around the clock and sanitizing after every interaction.

“I’m so impressed with our team and how everyone has adjusted and adapted and taken this very seriously," said Conine.

Meanwhile those working from home have set up a remote call center.

“We don’t want education to be lost during this time,” said Conine. “It’s an aspect we’ve always been heavily focused on. For the time being, we encourage people to call if they have any questions.”

While Conine said some clients have been purchasing extra product in the midst of the current crisis, there is no shortage.

“So far there haven’t been any issues with supply because the people who produce for us are considered essential as well,” she said.

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