Four ways to rediscover the University of Michigan Museum of Art online

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Mark di Suvero's sculpture "Shang" stands tall outside of the UMMA. Photo | Sarah M. Parlette
Mark di Suvero's sculpture "Shang" stands tall outside of the UMMA. Photo | Sarah M. Parlette

ANN ARBOR, Mich. – The University of Michigan Museum of Art is offering new ways for its patrons, artists and Ann Arbor community members to stay connected or rediscover what it has to offer.

Here are four of our favorite ways to add more art from the UMMA into your day.

Art in Your Inbox

Receive art from the UMMA in your inbox. You won’t get actual pieces of art but the email newsletter will feature pieces from the museum to help community members with finding perspective and prompting moments of peace.

According to the sign-up page, art will be in your inbox once or twice a week, or when a piece of artwork is particularly moving.

Sign up here.

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Sight & Sound

Listen to original musical works created by students from the University of Michigan School of Music, Theatre, & Dance with Chamber Music Department Chair Matt Albert and composition faculty member Roshanne Etezady.

The new music, along with new renditions of previous pieces, has been added to videos of art found around the UMMA. Performers within the videos range from current and former U-M students to the U-M Chamber Choir.

Nine different tracks take listeners for a tour of the Collection Ensemble exhibition in the UMMA’s Jonathan and Lizzie Tisch Apse.

Videos can be found on the Sight & Sound website.

UMMA Sculpture and Yoga

Find serenity through yoga while learning about the UMMA’s outdoor public art collection from home.

In the video, viewers follow Grace VanderVliet, UMMA curator for museum teaching and learning, to four of the sculptures around the museum. Then, Lisa Borgsdorf, manager of public programs at the UMMA, will lead viewers through a yoga pose inspired by each of the sculptures.

Find the video on here.

Many Voices

Rediscover the “Many Voices” project, a film project that tied together community filmmakers, independent filmmakers and the UMMA.

After some years, the UMMA is offering a collection of 18 short films that were produced for its 2012 “Many Voices” project.

For the project, community members pitched their ideas for two -to- three minute short films, including high school and U-M students. Selected participants, from ages 14 to 59, worked with filmmakers Donald Harrison, Sharad Patel, Emilia Javanica and Martin Thoburn to give their ideas life.

Watch the videos here or on the UMMA YouTube channel.

As a bonus, the UMMA is also offering some artwork to its virtual patrons that can be turned into Zoom backgrounds. Go ahead, turn that Zoom work meeting into a makeshift art gallery.

Like other businesses and organizations around Ann Arbor, the UMMA was forced to close its doors temporarily during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

🎥🍿 Get your popcorn ready--UMMA has over an hour's worth of short films inspired by pieces in our collection, all free to stream. Rediscover the Many Voices project here:

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