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A4 looks back at the Ann Arbor Art Fair

Here are some blasts from the past

(Credit: Ann Arbor Art Fair)

ANN ARBOR – The Ann Arbor Art Fair may have been canceled this year but that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate its history and the thousands of people who take part in it every year.

Made up of four different fairs collectively known as Art Fair, the annual extravaganza has been bringing art, artists, and art appreciators to Ann Arbor for decades as the largest juried art fair in the US.

Since we don’t have a time machine to transport us to next year’s Art Fair, we’ve put together a list of our favorite past articles.

Here they are:

Ann Arbor Art Fair 2019: Here’s what you can expect

Live in the D stopped by Art Fair and Meredith spoke with Kyle Froelich, the manager of Good Time Charley’s, and Rishi Narayan, co-founder of Underground Printing.

Behind the scenes at Ann Arbor Art Fair setup day

We took a peek behind the curtain and spoke with Frances Todoro-Hargreaves, the executive director of the State Street District, about what has to happen in order for Art Fair to happen.

‘I hope my work makes you smile:’ Ceramic artist sets up ahead of Ann Arbor Art Fair

Artist Stephanie Pierson-Hutson tells us what Art Fair means to her.

Love in art: Four couples to see at Ann Arbor Art Fair

Many solo artists come to Art Fair, but so do artist couples. Last year, we talked to four Art Fair couples about how they met and the best aspects of working together.

Here are four hacks Ann Arbor Art Fair insiders swear by

Last year, we gave you a bunch of Art Fair hacks that insiders swear makes managing all the hustle and bustle downtown easier.

Four fairs, one event, hundreds of restaurants: recommendations for Ann Arbor Art Fair first-timers

Juggling food and art while pushing through crowds is a pain, so we made a list of all of our go-to spots for good eats during Art Fair.

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10 artists to look for during the Ann Arbor Art Fair

In 2018, we took a look at all of the artists, and we mean all of them, and selected 10 of our favorites.

Behind the scenes at Ann Arbor Street Art Fair, The Original’s jury session

Which artists are chosen for the Art Fair? We learned about the jury selection processes for the Ann Arbor Street Art Fair, The Original.

Meet local artist and graphic designer Jocelyn Edin

Artist Jocelyn Edin made two plein air scenes for A4. The proceeds were donated to the four nonprofits that organize Art Fair every year.

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