Healthy Streets/People Friendly Streets program to begin this week

Several local roads see modifications for the program's 90 day pilot period

A timelapse of traffic at night in Ann Arbor (Credit: Marcin Szczepanski)

ANN ARBOR, Mich. – This week marks the beginning of the City of Ann Arbor’s Healthy Streets/People Friendly Streets program, which means changes for many local roads. 

For 90 days beginning Monday Aug. 10, roads including parts of South Main, State, Packard, and Division will see modifications to their structure as a part of the program.

The majority of streets will remain open, and changes being made are primarily the addition of bikeways, modification or removal of turn lanes, and the creation of additional physical distancing space for pedestrians. In addition, Swift Street is reported to close at Wright through Pontiac. 

The 90 day pilot period is scheduled to end on Nov. 10. 

The changes are being made to address the city’s commitment to carbon neutrality, and the impact on affected roads will be monitored throughout the program by the Ann Arbor Downtown Development Authority.

The Healthy Streets program is an initiative by the city to promote physical distancing by increasing outdoor space for pedestrian use, while the People Friendly Streets project is an effort that aims to create safe, accessible, and green streets for the City of Ann Arbor. 

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The full list of streets that will be affected by the program are listed below in an announcement from the City of Ann Arbor:

  • Miller Avenue/Catherine Street from First Street to Division Street — Removal of turning lanes and parking; addition of two-way separated bikeway on the north side of the street.
  • Division Street — Two-way separated bikeway from Packard to Broadway Street and across the bridge.
  • South Main Street from William to Packard — Removal of turn lanes to continue; addition of separated one-way bike lanes.
  • South Main Street from Packard to Stadium — Converting outside lanes from Packard south creating space for physical distancing and use by pedestrians and cyclists. 
  • State Street/North University Avenue — Connection of William Street bikeway to North University bike lanes with separated two-way cycle facility added.
  • State Street/North University to Liberty — Eliminate turn lane and create space for physical distancing.
  • Packard Street from State Street to Hill Street — Removal of turn lanes and addition of a separated bike lane in each direction.
  • Packard Street from Eisenhower to Platt — Closing the outside vehicle lanes to facilitate physical distancing and use by pedestrians and cyclists. 
  • Broadway Street — Two-way separated bikeway on the east side of bridge; potential future additional pedestrian space on the west of bridge.
  • Pontiac Street/Swift — Convert traffic lane to create separated bike lane completing bicycle connection from Pontiac to Broadway and pilot separated bikeway.
  • Swift Street to close at Wright through Pontiac; safety improvement for the pilot period.

For additional information and links to the Healthy Streets program and the People Friendly Streets project, visit the City of Ann Arbor’s website here